Gul Ahmed Summer 2012 Collection Vol-2 | Gul Ahmed Lawn Designs with Prices

"Gul Ahmed" is a name of fame and quality in women clothing. Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn is a Gul Ahmed's most attractive and most famous product. In their lawn product line, Gul Ahmed announced periodically new collections. Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn Collection 2012 volume First has got enormous and spectacular fame in the market due to the best prints and stylish colors. A month ago she9 has covered Gul Ahmed's Summer Lawn Collection 2012 and we have got a number of comments and response about designs and patterns. Audience has appreciated Gul Ahmed Spring Collection 2012. In order to keep their importance and standings in the market Gul Ahmed has announced their Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn Collection 2012 Volume 2 for their valued customers and to provide more range of designs and prints. "Here we are back with the gorgeous and outstanding lawn printing for summer time 2012" by Gul Ahmed officials.  The collection will release on April 28, 2012, but you can order as a pre-order your favorite prints among the Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn Collection 2012 volume 2.

Gul Ahmed Lawn Vol-2

Gul Ahmed Lawn 2012 Vol 2
Price 3,250.00

Vol 2 of Gul Ahmed Summer 2012
Price 4,500.00  

Gul Ahmed Collection 2012 Vol 2

Latest Collection of Gul Ahmed Vol 2

Embroidered Lawn 2012
Price 4,200.00

Long Frock Fashion
BLANCHE NOIRE                                   LA CHIFFON
Price 2,300.00                                       Price 3,500.00

Open Shirt and Long Shirt
LE SOIE BAMBOO SILK                           FLEUR DE CHIFFON
Price 2,800.00                                           Price 3,800.00

2012 Collection of Gul Ahmed Vol-2
RENAISANCE                                               REGALIA
Price 3,500.00                                                Price 5,000.00

Gul Ahmed Long Shirt Fashion
LA CHIFFON                                     SINGLE PRINT LAWN
Price 5,000.00                                                     Price 775.00

The whole Gul Ahmed stuff includes enormous variety of prints and color combinations as well like Padded chiffon selection, Genuine crinkle chiffon, Produced lawn selection, Genuine natural cotton, Non colored documents selection, Genuine natural cotton, Le single top quality, Chantly de ribbons etc...! Let’s jump and have an experience of Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn Collection 2012 Volume 2.
Note: All these prices are taken from official website of Gul Ahmed might be different from Gul Ahmed online Shop.

Anarkali Frocks | Readymade Indian Anarkali Frocks| Anarkali Open Double Shirt Frock

A cultural dress has vital value and plays an important role in our social existence. It depicts our cultural norms and living patterns in the society and a symbol of cultural existence in global world. Subcontinent was famous due to the variety of cultural dresses. Almost all societies have their own cultural and symbolic dresses like saree, lehenga and shalwar kameez. Shalwar kameez is a most wearable dress in the countries of subcontinent. Frock is a stereotype of shalwar kameez modified in a beautiful way. It consists of a shirt having umbrella and curvy shape around the waist and a fitting pattern at bust. Usually skin fit chooridar shalwar trouser is being used with the frock. It was basically a cultural dress mostly used by mistresses in empires of Mughal Badsha’s. There are different types of frocks are exists and Anarkali dress is one of them. We have gathered some beautiful designs of frocks for you and hope you will like all the design and patterns. Collection is a merger of Anarkali dresses and simple frocks with chooridar shalwars.

Anarkali Frocks for Brides
Below are the best Anarkali Frocks for you. Indian Anakrali Frocks have been nourished with thread embroidery and polished with different types of ornament and accessory. Red anarkali frocks can be used in wedding parties and as well as in different family functions. All Indian Anarkali Frocks are with chooridar shalwars and differently presented frocks have different design and patterns. Anakrali Frocks having different sleeve patterns like sleeveless and full sleeve are looking marvelous and can be used in different seasons.

Indian Anarkali Frocks

Anarkali Forck 2012

Latest Anakali Frock Fashion

Long Anarkali Frock

Western Anarkali Frock

New Anarkali Frock Fashion

Ready-made Anarkali Frock

Anakrali Long Frock

Open Shirt Anarkali Frock

Double Shirt Anarkali Frocks

Open Double Shirt Anakrali Frock

New Double Shirt Anakrali Frock
Below we have some more elegant and astonishing design and patterns of Anarkali dresses and Frocks. The collection is exhibiting a rainbow of colors in different styles. Almost all seasonal, casual and formal color frocks are there in she9’s frock collection of 2012. Differently designed frocks are for different season and use. Formal frocks are in naughty and sharp colors according to the use of frock dresses. Some frock dresses have simple and light colors with elegant and rich work of embroidery. These can be used in parties and on occasions as well. Keep visiting us for more elegant cultural and stylish modern dresses as we are savvy of these types of dresses.

Pareesa Lawn 2012 Collection | ChenOne Lawn Designs

Style and luxury creates with the involvement of creative minds and creative minds develop different and unique things with perfection and excellence. ChenOne is a name of perfection and excellence. ChenOne is a name of luxurious brand of Pakistan, producing high quality world class garments along with other household product lines. In clothing ChenOne has developed its name among the pioneers of the market, and if we say there is no comparison of ChenOne in its class no one could object the phrase. Today we are here to present some fabulous and remarkable product of ChenOne. “Paresa Lawn” is a brand name of ChenOne’s lawn. It’s available in all ChenOne stores. “Changing lifestyle” is a slogan of ChenOne since last many years with its voluminous national as well as international presence. Paresa Lawn by ChenOne 2012-2013 brings high class designs, luxurious fabric and colorful palette. Vibrant colors in artistic designs are looking marvelous and spectacular. The designs have been made according to the stitching trends of the market. Attract, floral and designer prints together gives a choice to the customer.

Pareesa Lawn 2012 Designs

Long Shirts of Pareesa Lawn

ChenOne Lawn 2012 Collection

Classic Designs of Lawn by Pareesa

New Patterns of Pareesa Lawn

Long Kurti Fashion

Western style of Pareesa Lawn

Chen One Trouser Fashion

Umbrella Sleeves Vs Chunit/Churi Sleeves

Pareesa Party Wear Dresses

Frock New Trend

2012 Collection of Pareesa Lawn

Trouser with Short Blouse in Lawn

Churi Trouser Styles

2012 Collection of ChenOne Lawn

2012 Prints Collection of Lawn

Pareesa By Chen One

Pareesa ChenOne Collection 2012
ChenOne recently launched Paresa Lawn Collection of 2012 and it’s available in all stores for sale. Collection contains efficient and stylish designs and summer trends to allure fusionists across the world. Paresa Lawn Collection 2012 by ChenOne has beautiful and elegant colors in a vast variety of creative and artistic designs.  Designers of ChenOne have made a wonderful fusion of eastern and western fashion outfits like long shirts, churidar pajamas, tops and trousers and frocks. The designs and patterns mainly influenced by the local cultural trends and international fashion demands and this is the beaity of Paresa Lawn by ChenOne. They have created a class within Lawn industry with a new and unique artistic trend. Anyone looking for delicacy, preciousness and style all in one deal should get ready to grab latest Pareesa Lawn Collection 2011 by ChenOne. Let’s start our journey to the heaven of style and fashion with ChenOne’s Paresa Lawn Collection 2012.

latest saree blouse design

latest saree blouse design the sleeveless outfits design has lately moved fantastic stages of success. These are usually designed with organic natural organic cotton and are more appropriate when used with organic natural organic cotton and chiffon sarees. In the center of all the saree outfits styles, this design gives the biggest pleasurable to its individual during summer season season interval period time. Sleeveless covers with neck cut in different styles are currently in fantastic need.

Coming to the backless sari outfits, it has definitely designed, from long fleshlight fleshlight fleshlight sleeves to brief fleshlight fleshlight fleshlight sleeves. To make it look conventional, it is used with have to, series and zari execute. Seems to be and assistance is done so that a bra is not necessary for more pleasurable. Usually, these covers are regarded to be the most costly ones.

To sum it all up, the aforesaid five kinds of covers are the best styles currently available in the market. So if you want to buy a outfits and look definitely enhancing in your attire, look no further than these five amazing saree outfits styles.
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