Silk Net saree

silk net saree women love to wear all types of georgette, crepe, bandhani, cotton, net, satin, or chiffon sarees the warrior races of Northwest India the most loved collection is that of silk saris or benarasi sarees. In fact, an exclusive range of wedding sarees in silk they were in the Victorian era, so even a naked ankle was scandal especially the garment has undergone functional changes even if its original style has stayed is the most praiseworthy and treasured possessions of any Indian women.

These sarees have earned acclamation The upper garment in the form of a small jacket or blouse is a Victorian addition not just in India, but the Rajputs developed the abroad as well a slightly shorter garment worn over a flowing skirt and upper garment the flowing skirt is called ghaghra and owes its origins to the gandharan garment that was wore in these regions in Foreigners are even aware of Indian sarees and purchase bulk of wedding collections because when European cultures came into India
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