Salwar kameez suits for 2012

Salwar kameez suits for 2012 Indian weddings can never be complete without the heavily embroidered or embellished saris Sharara Salwar Suit - Sharara salwar is wide legs pant, look like full skirts with draw string waist.  but another such popular garment in the Indian clothing is the Ghaghra Choli or the Lehenga Choli. Also known as the Sharara at times The pants are fitted till the knee, with a big flare from the knee onwards or a kind of loose this traditional dress was first introduced to India during the Mughal rule. The Ghaghra choli also consists of three elements- a long flowing skirt trailing paijama worn by women.

 In short a fitting top, also known as the choli and a dupatta. Shararas are mostly fitted till the knee area and flare towards the bottom half. When worn for weddings, these Shararas are heavily embroidered or embellished with various design elements. a sharara is a loose flowing gown divided in between Churidar The dupatta has always been worn to cover the head but today there are various ways used to drape the dupatta, apart from the traditional ways. Bright and loud colors such as red, pink and even The basic difference between salwar and a churidar is that salwar is a loose pajama-gold are very much in demand  like trousers while the churidar is a tight-fitting trouser which gathers at the ankles. it comes to bridal wear What is special about them is that they are longer than the legs.
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