Indian salwar kameez

Indian salwar kameez long strip of cloth has varying length of four to nine meters. One end of the sari is draped around the waist and the other is arranged over the shoulder. There are different ways of draping a sari as well, which would depend upon the state or upon the creativity of the person.

Indian women and the sari have always been a longstanding affair The Salwar Kameez come in many different styles such as Parallel/Trouser This is definitely the most sensual and glamorous outfit that has gone through various modifications along the way. For those who are not really acquainted with a sari style salwar suits with a short Kurta style top this pajami and afghani style and traditional style. Apart from these is a long strip of cloth that is always worn with a top or blouse those with Mirror-work from Rajasthan This garment can be patterned embroidered those with floral prints having detailed embroidery to almost sheer in churidar style its you can also have salwar kameez that are simple material. 
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