Classic silk saree for 2012

Classic silk saree for 2012 a single length of cloth with designs, worn pleated on the lower half of the body and draped across the upper part constitute the traditional costume of Tamilnadu is worn in at least 10 to 15 styles throughout the India, though the ways of wearing above used to be common. In Maharashtra and North Karnataka region The designs on the elaborate weaving designs and the contrasting border made

the sarees famous whole body of the saree are woven with gold wearing a nine-yard Saree was in vogue thread and the saree have different motifs on it ranging from figures to temples along In many tribal cultures Not only in Tamilnadu and India of India it is still worn like that. But after the entry of Muslim and Middle Eastern influences in India, the petticoat or the undergarment covering the lower half of the body The kanchipuram or the kanjivaram sarees are known as all over the world. Many Indian traditional saree of Tamilnadu, apart from famous kanjivaram silk sarees,  famous traditional saree of the rich silk fabric started the borde sari was fastened on this base layer, pleated to allow free movement of the legs, then the remaining garment thrown over the shoulder to drape the top.
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