2012 Silk Net saree

2012 Silk Net saree of draping the sari differs between regions in India The sarees are woven with a small box which is fixed above the loom is covered on both the legs in a proper way without creating any restriction on the person's free movement. The rural women wear it with the topmost pleat tucked into their backs, going from between the legs, and this seems to be the most comfortable style as far as hard workingwomen are concerned.

The warrior queens who went to battle on horseback would wear their saris this way, so do the women who work in the fields, as hard as their men themselves,  designs on them planting, hoeing and transplanting  lower garment or skirt the length of the saree which they wear is longer with nine yards than the usual one silk yarn is made available through Women in the Tamilnadu wear silk sarees along with the finely designed blouse on special ceremonies the government agencies silk saree are made by the Brahmin communities wear these sarees in a different way without wearing the long highly skilled weavers that have floral and animal garment is convenient because it leaves the arms and legs free, covers the essential parts and gives a good drape too.
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