Sehyr Anis Semi Formal Collection 2012-13 | Latest Gown Dresses

In recent years, as fashion industry mounting in Pakistan, a large number of fashion designers are coming into the market with new styles and designs. A few of them has developed their name not only in Pakistan fashion industry but as well as they are well known at world level platform. But we cannot neglect the work of fresh and new dress designers. Today we will introduce you with the work of a new talented dress designer Having Gowns and other dresses not only for Asian countries but also can wear as western dresses. Sehyr Anis is a fresh addition from the land of fashion of Pakistan. Sehyr Anis is from Lahore, Pakistan and started her work with the brand name “Sehyr Anis” in 2011. She didn’t work enough yet but she inspired the audience with her work. Sehyr Anis is an energetic, stylish and trendy dress designer having a good experience in dress designing. She was with dress designer Hina Butt before starting her own work. Now she has launched few of her work exhibitions and got a generous customer and viewer feedback. Sehyr Anis has produced fabulous dress those have sophisticated and trendy designs and cuts. She has launched more than two collections like “Sehyr Anis Silk Outfits for Party Wears and Gatherings” and “Sehyr Anis Latest Formal and Semi-formal Dresses”.

Long Shirt

Velvet Shirt

Sheath Gowns

Maxi Gown

Casual Dress

Ball Gown

Formal Dress

Formal Bridal Gown
Here we are with a superb collection of Sehyr Anis Latest Formal and Semi Formal Dresses work. Some of the dresses of Sehyr Anis has modern look as compared to the cultural and traditional Pakistani dresses. She has made these Gowns for modern girls and the girls in foreign. Beside all these comments and complements if we look keenly to her work, she really did a great job and designs these formal and semi formal dresses according to the changing fashion trends in Pakistan. Let’s have a better look on the following formal and semi formal Gowns of Sehyr Anis. The dresses are in modern sleeve and neck styles nourished with modern and fancy ornaments.

Nishat Linen Shawl Collection | Latest Shawl Designs

Nishat is one of the biggest Textile Group of Pakistan, and has a renowned entity in fashion world. They are producing high quality garments and textile related products since its dawn. Nishat Mills was founded in 1951, and now the group is specialized in producing the high-quality production of yarn, greige fabrics, apparel fabrics and retail packed home textiles. Nishat Mills has a garments and fashion brand named “Nishat Linen”. Nishat Linen prides itself on being the brand of preference for discerning customers who are in search of things, unique and chic. Today we are here to present a unique winter season garments and fashion product from the house of Nishat Linen Collection.
A “shawl” is a simple piece of cloth having square, rectangular or some different shape used to wrap around the upper body, shoulders and arms, and sometimes over the head in winter. The shawl has been used since long time for different reasons. Some used this to keep warm; some used this to balance the dress and some for cultural and symbolic reason. Today, shawls are worn for added warmth at outdoor or indoor for fashion cause in evening affairs. Shawl has been used in almost all areas of world. Kahmiri shawls are most famous type of shawl in world due to its comfort ability and quality of fabric. Shawls are being worn in different types of fabric according to the trend and seasons.

Nishat Linen
Yet another type of Kashmir shawl is the Jamiavr, which is a brocaded woolen fabric sometimes in pure wool and sometimes with a little cotton added. The floral designing appears like heavy close embroidery-like weave in dull silk or soft pashmina wool.

Kahmiri shawls

Ajrak Shawl

Nishat Shawl (Wrap)

Latest Shawl Fashion

Shawl Fashion 2012-13

Latest Shawl Designs

New Design of Shawl

Party wear Shawl 
Here we have a gorgeous collection of Nishat Linen Shawls. Almost all shawls are in trendy shapes having beautiful color combination according to the winter season. Nishat Linen shawls are best due to their matching colors, fabulous styles and embedded designs. One can choose for today’s party and match with her dress, there is no need to use an overcoat. Nishat Linen Shawl Collection of 2012 Winter Season also includes white, red and black shawls those can be used with every type of dress have shown in Nishat commercial Video. Embedded designs on these Nishat Linen shawls are purely cultural and produced on cultural footsteps. Let’s have a look and enjoy this rainbow of Nishat Linen Shawls Collection of 2012 winter season.         

Bridal Makeover | Eye Shade Makeover | Eyes Makeup

In previous Bridal Makeover 2012 collection we have focused on perfect base like natural base / natural face which is mostly adopting for special events. But whenever we see all over the beauty for brides the eye shades are also important to give perfect personality. Eye shades should be contrast according to the dress. But in special events we have also seen that in funky dress girls prefer funky eye shades with casual makeover. For brides, eye shade makeover should match the personality of the girl, like slim face or health face. Let’s have a look on eye shade makeover for brides.

Eye Shades for Bridal Party

Bridal Eye Shades Makeover

Brides Eye makeup

Bride Natural Makeup

Contrast Eye Makeover

Maria-B Collection 2012 | Stunning Bridal Collection

After posting news about fashion shows and other casual and formal dresses there is a need of posting something special. On the demand of visitors today we have some gorgeous and fabulous bridal dresses designed by Maria B. These stunning bridal dresses by Maria B have heavy embroidery and zari workwith a fabulous color tones. This Maria B’s Bridal dress collection includes beautiful bridal shalwar kameez and ethnic bridal gharara dresses. Designing a dress according to latest trends in fashion is a key of success of Maria B. Maria always selects dark color scheme to design a bridal dress with light color thread embroidery and zari work. Light color embroidery and ornament work looks more attractive on dark colors. 

Maria-B Bride
These two bridal dresses are gorgeous in designing. Silver thread and zari work on black and maroon color fabric is looking attractive and glossy. Embroidery and zari work has been done on sleeves, bust and borders as well to nourish these bridal dresses beautifully. Typical South Asian flora designs have been sketched to give cultural look to these Anarkali bridal dresses.

Anarkali Bridal Dress

Maria B Anarkali Style
Maria B can convert any type of South Asian dress into a bridal wear dress and following bridal dress is an example of this. This Anarkali dress in dark green tone with silver thread embroidery and zari work is looking so attractive like a rain drops on a green leaf. Full sleeve semi frock is in different neck style. The neck style has been made according to the casual dresses. This BAN collar is looking good with this bridal anarkali dress.

Maria-B Stunning Style

Maria-B Sharara

Maria-B 2012 Collection
On the other side Maria B also developed some bridal dress in light colors like white and off-white. These are superb creations by Maria-B have fantastic designs and extraordinary embroidery and ornament work. Hope you will like these bridal dresses designed by Maria B.

Boutique Sarees | Indian Boutique Sarees | G3 Fashion for Parties

G-3 is an oldest and famous fashion brand of India. They are producing high class fashion garments since 1987. To meet the changing trends and needs of fashion world G-3 has setup its new showroom at Ghod dod Road in Surat. G-3 is famous due to its high quality of fabric and indo-western fashion styles and designs in casual, formal and semi formal dresses. G-3 has a vast range in fashion market for men and women ranging from dresses, jewelry to makeover cosmetics. The brand has gained popularity and presence from the effective advertising mode online the products are available and easily accessible to people across the globe online.
In India, different types of clothing have been used according to their culture. Likewise in Punjab shalwar kameez has been used as a local and cultural dress and similarly different dresses have been worn by the local residents of different parts in India. Saree dress has been used mostly in Gujrat. The saree is a traditional dress of India now largely recognized in all over the globe. Boutique saree typically consists of two important parts of it, a saree blouse and saree pallu. A well designed blouse effectively enhances the beauty of boutique saree dress. Lots of patterns are available to design a blouse; typically low necked and short sleeved patterns have been used. To customize and to design a fashionable modern boutique saree dress different types of and combinations of patterns have been used along with rich thread and zari embroidered saree work. In India, the saree dress has been used almost in all occasions. Whether it’s an event, a wedding, anniversary or festival, the boutique saree would be the first choice of typical Indian women who loves Indian culture. The saree is important of Indian culture and includes the everlasting charm of Indian women.

Boutique Dresses
In wedding ceremonies more than 90 percent women wear boutique sarees including the brides. Bridal sarees are apparent in features like color and designs. Typically red color and its different shades have been used to develop Boutique bridal saree dresses and yellow for mehndi ceremony. There are also beautiful designs created using semi-gemstones and hands-stitched pearls. You are able to select from an array of styles for that different function.

Party Wear Boutique Saree

Bollywood Boutique Sarees

Latest Boutique Fashion

G3 Fashion Boutique

Night Party Saree

Casual Saree

Indian Boutique Fashion

Boutique Fashion 2012

Embroidered Boutique Saree

Bridal Boutique Saree
Here we have some gorgeous and fabulous Indo-western boutique saree dresses by G-3 fashion. All the following boutique sarees have rainbow of different shiny colors. The patterns are according to the emerging western styles. Let’s have a better look on all these G-3 fashion boutique sarees.

PFDC L'OREAL Fashion Week 2012 | PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week

Designing a bridal wear required a high level expertise of fashion designing. Designing a bridal dresses is critical and tricky because it requires high designing sense and expertise, knowledge of culture and tradition of that particular geographic area, taste and trend of fashion of women and particularly the use of supplementary accessories. Lots of Pakistani fashion designers have conducted their bridal fashion shows at world level to familiar the world to Pakistani culture and fashion. In this regard designers are not only introducing the world to their work but also contributing in social and economic values of Pakistan.

PDFC stands for Pakistan Fashion Designers Council. Recently a fashion show has been conducted in Paris under the forum of PDFC in which the great Pakistani designers introduced their bridal dresses work. The L’oreal PDFC bridal wear fashion week is a world renowned fashion show has been conducting in different countries every year. This year the PDFC L’oreal bridal wear fashion week 2012-2013 was held in Paris. Famous Pakistani dress designers presented their gorgeous bridal dresses. Today we are going to present some selected fabulous bridal wears of Ali Weeshan, Asifa and Nabeel, HSY and Sara Rohale Asghar. These are all well known and talented designers of Pakistan. Let's have a look on all the dresses of these designers one by one.

PFDC L'Oreal Fashion

Paris Bridal Fashion

Lehenga Designs

Bridal Fashion Week



Party wear


Bridal Long Kurti

Fashion Week 2012

Bridal Frock

PFDC Fashion Week

Bridal Fashion

Bridal Party Wear


Bridal Anarkali

Bride Fashion Show

Bridal Lehenga Choli

Indian Lehenga

Bridal Long Forck

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