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Latest custom stitched blouse 2011

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Anarkali Bridal Fashion Show | Asiana Bridal Collection

Anarkali frock dresses are highly appreciated in all over the world that's why a huge variety of Anarkali dresses in form of Saree, Frocks, Lehengas, Salwar Kameez are available in the market. Asiana Magazine is well know magazine and popular in all over the world even arranged fashion catwalk. Here we are going to share some Asiana Bridal collection in Anarkali designs. This bridal fashion show may arranged by Asiana which was associated with Sony Entertainment Television. Let see these brilliant Anarkali Bridal dresses....

Bridal Anarkali Style

Asiana Fashion Show
Maroon, dark red and red colors are traditional color for brides in South Asian countries specially in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. This bridal frock is fully decorated with golden color embroidery. The neck line is gorgeous and frock drapers are also stylish. This bridal anarkali frock in catwalk fashion is specially designed according to the current fashion and upcoming trend.

Bridal Frock

Umbrella Bridal

When we see this light yellowish color frock I was shocked that what a fantastic work is done on the frock. It is really amazing design of umbrella frock. This Anarkali frock is giving a complete look of bridal wedding. These types of frocks can wear in bridal mehndi function. The Anarkali neck-line is fully decorated with motif and zari embroidery and back side of frock (back neckline) is following Traditional Design of Anarkali dress.

Cultural Bridal

Bridal Collection

Bridal Fish-Tail

Bridal Fashion Show

Embroidered Bridal
In this bridal anarkali dress the stylish color and look is completely following the traditional style of anarkali culture. The churidar pajama and net dupatta are also looking gorgeous with this dress. These dress in bridal fashion show can also wear in bridal night parties. All these images are taken from official website of Asiana Fashion Blog.

Lakhani Lawn 2011-2012 | Lakhani Long Kurti Fashion | Neck-Line Designs

Lakhani is a well known brand have a strong grip on fashion /  trend. Lakhani is specialised in kurti fashion like short kurti, designer long kurti, open shirt kurti etc. He always introduced a quality designs in marker. Most important work on lakhani lawn kurti is their neckline / gala design, These are always unique and chic,  
Here we are again with Lakhani’s Exclusive Long Kurti’s Collection of 2011-2012 in long kurti designs with stylish neck-line patterns. All dress outfits have trendy designs and patterns. Let’s take a jump into Lakhani’s Fashion.

Embroidered Neckline
This long skirt (long kurti) has stylish embedded design in purple color fabric. White in-build designing on purple color strives along with the fabulous embroidery work. Designer has built a beautiful design around the neck pattern. Use of purple color lace strip at the lower border of kameez is really expressing the artistic mind of designer. The long kurti is in trendy casual style having no arms, wide "V" shape neck style hanged along with strips. This could be a best choice for casual evening parties.

Lakhani Lawn
This is another fabulous master piece by the designer. The dress really has the guts to be the best. Fine sharp embroidery work at bust, wide florally designed lace strip at the lower border and a fantastic in-build floral design of fabric are presenting the real beauty of this long casual kameez. Sleeve less pattern is looking very attractive along with supportive narrowly rounded neck design.

Lawn 2011-12
This dress outfit is a beautiful reflection of Anarkali dress. The frock has been modified by the designer according to the latest trends. It is in more wide shape than a regular frock. Chocolaty color fabric is looking more elegant with white embroidered stuff. Sleeve less neck pattern has been designed with the fine embroidered ready-made lace. Lower border of this loose frock has printed floral design which has been made fancier with the use of thin reddish color strip.

Stylish Long Kurti
This modernly designed dress actually has in-build cultural pattern. The dress has beautifully manufactured with the enriched composition of modern trend and old design.

Party Wear Lawn

Exclusive Design

Following dresses by the designer are also the part of this Lakhani Casual Long Kurti's Collection. Same sort of sleeve less pattern have been used to develop these casual kurti's. Both kurti's are in loose style having fabulous in-build designs emblematize with glorious embroidery.

Open Shirt

Long Kurti Fashion
Lakhani's Collection of Full Sleeve Long Kurti's:
Below we have some tremendous full sleeve dresses from Lakhani's Exclussive Collection. This sky blue long kurti with chooridar shalwaar has been made for parties exclusively. The kameez has half open shirt design which is really looking effective. This is really a new touch by the designer. Lower border of the kameez and both two sides of neck has been flourished with beautiful embroidered lace. Using such type of auxiliary in designing mechanism has always greater impact.

Latest Lawn Fashion
This casual long kurti in greenish blue color fabric has really a fantastic use of designing accessory. Use of florally embroidered lace at the front, back and between the arms has expressing the innovative mind of the designer. Lower border of this long kurti has also been designed beautifully.

New Neckline Design
This is a pure casual and simple dress outfit. Kurti has full sleeves along with round shape neck style which also has a thin v shape cut below. The beauty of this dress lies in the designing pattern around the neck and at the edges of sleeves and lower border. These types of 3D shaped designs are really common now days.

Printed Lawn
Bell bottom sleeves are in fashion again with some trendy changes. This loose open kurti in traditional silk fabric has old touch in embedded designing which it has. The designer has used orange color strip to accomplish this work with more beauty.

Lakhani Print
This multi-color scheme long kurti has beautiful embroidery work at front. The outfit is same in nature as I have explained above.

Sharp Pattern
This dress is a real master piece in this Lakhani's Exclusive Long Kurti’s Collection. The Long kurti has multi-color scheme composed off different shades of blue orange and yellow. Designing of this dress is really superb. Wide round shape neck style has simply modified by a v shape cut at front which is looking so gorgeous. Sleeves are in bell bottom style which is really in fashion now days.

Bridal Lehenga | Indian Bridal lehenga Choli | Bridal Lehnga Choli

Weddings have always been expression of wonderful experiences in India and Pakistan—festivities lingering on a week or more. People lavish more and more to emblematize their ceremonies with the glitz of brightness and colors. Beside ceremonies and festivities, people spend large amounts on luxury suitings. This has attracted many international and domestic wedding planners, event planners and fashion designers. They plan for their ceremonies, time and dresses. To plan for superior bridal dress designers put their all efforts to make this unique as they can. There are lots of dress designers and brands are available in fashion industry and “Utsav” is one of them.
Utsav are the manufacturers, the wholesalers and the retailers for a diversity of fashion clothing including designer fashion Sarees, embroidered fancy Salwar Kameez, exclusive wedding bridal Lehenga Choli's etc. Utsav is the ONLY online fashion store which has its own manufacturing base.
The Indian way of bridal dressing has always been step ahead in all over the world and to carry forward the trends. Today we have a fabulous Indian Bridal Lehenga Collection 2011-2012 for you by Utsav. All the Bridal Lehnga are really attractive and trendy. All these available Indian Bridal Lehenga’s have beauty of colors, designs, embroideries and fabrics exactly matching up your personality. To shop, please visit “Utsav” official webpage.

Bridal Lehenga 2011-12
This red bridal lehnga is the masterpiece by Utsav. The classical style and modern trend have rolled into one in this bridal lehnga to give it a shape of grandeur dress embodying in the image below. The embroidered design is a mix of fancy and expensive material masking the whole cloth beneath it. 

Indian Bridal Lehenga
This Bridal Lehnga has been designed purely on Indian cultural basis. Look at the work on it, it’s just amazing. Designers have used accessory in a highly professional way. The way in which designer did Motif and Zari embroidery work on this Indian Bridal Lehenga is just awesome. Dark red color scheme is playing a supportive role in this beauty. The Choli is in casual style having V shape sleeve less pattern.  

Stylish Bridal lehenga
This Bridal Lehnga by Utsav is an exemplar of modern work in clothing patterns. This Stylish Bridal Lehnga has stylish modern outfit while the embroidered design and color scheme have modern touch. Slim fit bridal lehnga has fabulous floral embroidery work on it with different color threads and decorative accessory. The blouse (Choli) is entirely in modern style have V shape neck style with slim fit half sleeves. The nodes of sleeves also have been glorified by same sort of designing mechanism as on Lehnga and Choli.

Fish Tail Bridal Lehenga
This Indian Fish-Tail Bridal Lehnga is a rich blend of velvety silk enriched with floral designing composed of golden shiny thread and expensive motif and zari emblems. This bridal lehnga in fish tail has outfit pattern which is very common nowadays. The choli is in long prototype having round shape neck pattern with short half sleeves.

Party wear Bridal Lehenga
This Indian Bridal Lehnga in indigo color shines with the glorry of velvety silk fabric. The designer has lavished this bridal lehnga with the shower of thread embroidery alongwith the other decorative stuff. The overall design schema of this Indian Bridal Lehnga is unique as the color and embroidered design is distinctive. Full sleeve blouse (choli) has stylish cury cut neck style enriched with same pretty designing objects.

Bell Bottom Bridal Lehenga
This Bridal Lehnga is in bell bottom style, wide from below side and stiff at uper side. This Bridal Lehnga is looking like a peacock tail. Casual style choli is looking great with this type of Lehnga outfit. Choli is in half sleeve pattern and has same beautiful designing and embroidery mechanism as on lehnga.  Lavish embroidery stuff and fabolous floral designing makes this bridal lehnga pretty and attractive. 

Bridal Lehenga in Casual Style
This lehnga is in casual style have the guts to be used as a bridal lehnga. Choli is in simple but in attractive pattern has same sort of design on it. The bridal lehnga has beautiful and fabolous embedded design. 

Sana Safinaz | Sana Safinaz Collection 2011-2012 | Long Kurti Fashion

For fashion craze, approach and taste in the South Asia, Sana Safinaz is performing truly a spectacular job. Sana Safinaz (Sana Hashwani and Safinaz) is a big fashion icon of Pakistani Fashion Industry producing high quality South Asian clothes with a wide diversity of style and range. Here at the plinth of she9 we already posted some work of Sana Safinaz and today for a second time we have some creative and fabulous work- The Sana Safinaz Exclusive Collection 2011-2012- for all our valued visitors. 
Sana Safinaz Exclusive Collection is consists of really cool, fresh and impressive designs and marvellous outfits. All the outfits included in this Sana Safinaz Exclusive Collection are very creative and according to the contemporary fashion trends. To morsel out and to have absolute view of all the stuff given below, please just scroll down. Here we just focused on cultural work specially Neck-line on Long kurti done by Sana Safinaz and included outfits only with “Chooridar” trouser (Shalwar). All the shirts (Kameez) are in long droop style modified by Sana Safinaz into very fashionable and unforeseen styles.

Long Kurti Designs
This long kurti in purple color is best for parties because it has trivial embroidery work starting from neck. The outfit has “V” shape neck style with full slim fit arms having embroidered cuffs. But the most imperative thing in this dress is a piece of broad vertical printed fabric used as border. This is really a creative work of Sana Safinaz.

Latest Neckline 2011-12
This Sana Safinaz exclusive long printed kurti is in sleeve less pattern which is most appropriate and useable pattern of summer. The neck style is in “V” shape pattern generously embroidered with monochromatic orange thread. 

Umbrella long Kurti
This dress outfit is in unusual umbrella shape at below. A very decorative designing pattern has been drawn with very expensive and beautiful white color lace on black. Collar less stiff pattern of this neck style is producing a fashionable reflection to this dress.

Exclusive Designs 2011-12

Sana Safinaz Latest Designs
The overall schema of this dress is a projection of the above-mentioned dress extended to this dress except the different designing mode. This dress has embedded design.  V-shaped neck style has been covered with bluish green floral designing narrowing down to thighs. 

Open Shirt Design
This open Shirt outfit by Sana Safinaz has beautiful printed design nourished with some muggy theme. The work on the border of two sides of the long kurti is surprising overall theme of design and looking very much stylish. The bell bottom sleeves also giving stylish and trendy look to this highly creative work.

Printed Design
This is a simple semi-frock dress outfit in white color having black thread embroidery which is looking really nice. The designer also has embedded this dress outfit with pinkish strip at lower border. It has wide round shaped neck style with slim fit sleeves having black cuffs. This Sana Safinaz dress is best for casual use as well as routine parties. 

Bridal Saree | Indian Bridal Saree | Bridal Party Wear Sarees Collection

In weddings, bridal dress is the most essential thing for girls. Girls did a lot of work for the best bridal dress. Mostly the traditional dresses are being selected by the brides based on their cultures. In India the girls usually choose Saree as a bridal dress because they have colossal touching affection with this very cultural Indian dress. Indian bridal sarees are also very famous out of India. There are diverse class of Indian sarees are exists and you can select one out of them for your wedding. Here we have some gorgeous and stylish sort of Bridal Sarees of special types for you. To get full access of the dashboard, please scroll down.

Reddish Bridal Sarees Collection
Red color is used extensively in wedding parties and it is considered as a sign of joy and pleasure here in South Asian wedding parties. Wedding planners always try to accumulate all obligatory and decorative stuff in red color. In a similar fashion, the bridal dress is mostly chooses in red color. Here we have some fabulous red color Indian bridal sarees 2011-12 for you.
This scarlet beauty is a sign of immense happiness, and this would be a best thing for you in your wedding party. This saree is a merger of latest fashion and traditional toil. The saree has a perfect and mind-blowing embroidery work with a very fine tuned design on it. Silver silk thread with shiny stars is used to develop this beauty. The design is so powerful which is build up with sense of fashion and prettiness. The blouse is very latest style having no sleeves which is giving tremendous look with this great scarlet Indian Bridal Saree.

Bridal Saree 2011-2012
This Bridal Saree is in pure red color. Pure red color always attracts others and this Indian Bridal Saree definitely magnetizes you. Fashionable blouse with fancy embroidered saree is looking just amazing. Fancy embroidery work on border of the saree is a result of vast working experience with the greater sense of humor of fashion. Sleeveless blouse totally is in new fashion. No strips, no laces but the designer used same fabric to tie the blouse which is looking so effective. Same sort of embroidery work is being done on blouse as on the saree.

Indian Bridal Saree
This pinkish-red colored saree is manufactured on printed fabric with silver silky thread work on it. This Indian Bridal Saree 2011-2012 is in casual style with latest type of blouse. The sleeve less blouse of same fabric also has same sort of style. Rich embroidery work on this Indian bridal saree makes this more beautiful and elegant.

Banarsi Silk Bridal Sarees Collection: 
Here we have few beautiful Banarsi Silk Sarees for brides. Banarsi Silk Sarees are considered more elegant and fancier than other Indian Sarees that’s why girls mostly preferred these as Bridal Sarees.
This Indian Banarsi Silk Saree has a superb outfit with a blend of fancy work on it. Slim fit outfit is looking stylish with sleeve less “V” shaped blouse. The blouse and the saree pallu, both are enriched with fancy embroidery. The embroidered design is also very elegant and graceful.

Saree for Brides
This is a simple Indian Banarsi Silk Saree for Brides. The embedded design of fabric and the color make this pleasing to the eyes. Work at the border added more beauty to this Indian Banarsi Silk Saree. Same fabric shoulder less blouse is quite simple but attractive. These types of sarees can be wear in wedding parties as well as on different wedding events.  

Bridal Party Wear
This purple color Indian Banarsi Silk Saree  is a best choice for waleema, mehndi and other wedding events and parties. The fish tail outfit is looking elegant with shoulder less blouse. Silver silk thread embroidery is adding fancier look to this. Embroidered design is so perfect and has best match with its use.

Net-Silk Bridal Sarees Collection
Net- Silk bridal sarees are the precious stuff in this category. Net-Silk fabric has more beauty and margin of work than others. The designers can easily build useful and beautiful designs on such type of fabric. Scroll down to dig these fancy Net-Silk Bridal Sarees. All these outfits have simple and same style of blouse, which is so common now days. Designers usually stitch such type of blouses to narrow down the price. In similar fashion the wearing style is also same for all these Net-Silk bridal sarees.

Embroidered Net-Silk sarees are the precious sarees considered for brides because these are more sensitive and elegant. The embroidered design of this Net-Silk saree is just amazing. The designer did well to produce this design and use expensive fancy material to build it. 

Latest Indian Bridal Saree
This red colored Net-Silk saree would be the best choice for you. The saree has a unique sort of style with luxurious accessory work on it. The design embedded on it is hallmark of bridal dresses.

New Bridal Saree Designs
The beauty of this Net-Silk saree lies in its embroidery new bridal saree design. The designer uses heavy embroidery material and big shapes to develop this sort of bridal dress designing which is looking so perfect and graceful. 

Bridal Saree Fashion
This is the best combination of traditional with latest fashion. This Net-Silk bridal saree exhibits the beauty of this age. Silver thread work shines on the purple color fabric elegantly. Designer uses the thin style of embroidery design on this Net-Silk bridal saree, which is giving the impression of fine tuned fashion trend for Indian Bridal Saree fashion.  

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