Mehndi Designs for hands 2011-2012 | Eid Mehndi Designs | Mazeeha Ziyani

Mazeeha Ziyani is a Good mehndi artist, not only for Party mehndi like Eid, and wedding but also for casual and formal designs. She is a denizen of Central Province, Matale, Sri Lanka. Her passion for Mehndi designing is innate as she was 13 when she started work on mehndi designing. Her debut on mehndi work was her own relatives and some other kith and kin. Her acumen, perfection, sleight and skillfulness in this field realized her to explore her in-born potential for this field.
The remarkable feature of Ziyani is that she did not get any formal coaching or training to perfect her skills; instead she trained herself on hit-and-trial basis. This practice further honed her already well-tuned endowment.
Eid is an event where people want to look good for celebration of this event with their friends and relatives. In this events people want to look good but this Eid event is special for girls for mehndi on Chand Raat. Girls preferred best mehndi designs for their hands to give and gorgeous look to their personality. For this propose here we are going to share you some best mehndi designs for this Eid 2011-2012. Lets have a look

Simple Mehndi Designs 2011-12
Simplicity is best for beauty. so this floral mehndi design which is covering the hand with beautiful floral work will give attractive look to beautiful girls so named as simple mehndi designs 2011-2012 

Mehndi designs for Hand 2011-2012
This design carries floral shapes in itself. It covers fingers, palm and stretches to the arm. It a rich blend of simplicity and complexity.

Best Mehndi Designs For Eid
A mehndi which covers all full hand and full arm with stylish and beautiful floral and artistic work of mehndi may always best mehndi designs for Eid and parties. 

Mehndi for Hand 2011-2012
It is at the apex of mehndi designing, if truth to be told. The designer has put all of her synergies into designing this remarkable mehndi style. It is a fulsome, heavy-loaded design covering where mehndi falls for designing.

Party Mehndi Design
This is a bridal design. Dark in colour in contrast with jewelry gives it a velvety look. It covers the whole hand and extended itself on the arm with dim termination.

Henna for Hands
This mehndi design is floral in its outlook. It moves slowly from heavily loaded stuff from arms to less loaded mehndi on hands with increasing complexity. It covers fingers too with flowery outlook.

Henna For Mehndi Party
Like Eid henna is also preferred for mehndi parties of shadi/weddings, these types of mehndi/henna are also preferred for henna parties.

Artistic Mehndi by Ziyani
Ziyani loves ‘mehndizing’ brides. Most of the clients from her demand for Indian styled designs which are mostly in vogue. She is confident about her own designs and challenges others in this arena. Ziyani possesses a unique style than the others. As there is variety of clients in this field so there ought to be variety of designs. Simple manipulation with a single design does not attract more people to you. She, therefore, always want to try to develop novel and innovative designs and explore more about mehndi.
 All these mehndi designs for hands are taken from an mehndi artist you may view her from her official facebook page. You may also submit your mehndi designs to participate in this mehndi contest.

Motif Embroidered Dresses | Maryah Dada's Dresses

Embroidery dresses are known since fashion was introduced, means there is no history of Motif Embroidery Fashion. Embroidery is used to give a new fancy look to the dress. Girls prefrer embroidery to give fancy attraction. Embroidery was used for party wear dresses but according to the current trend motif fashion is also used for casual and formal dresses.
Motif should be apply according to the dresses shape, pattern and color contrast. According to current season, designers have introduced a huge variety of embroidery dresses specially motif embroidery dresses which made easy to select the dress according to the season /  events. Here we are going to share some motif embroidered dresses of Maryah Dada Dress Designer. lets have a look....

Open Shirt in Kali Style

Western Umbrella Look

Motif long Shirt

Stylish Black Frock
Subtle Nuances
Designer Maryah Dada combines the lightness of chiffon with the sensual femininity of her aesthetics. Her modern cuts bring a succinct fusion of design details in the form of ease in her creations. A muted palette enhances the focus on cuts and the use of embroidered motifs. Flowing, layered and intrinsically pretty, Marah Dada brings designs for all seasons
Designer Maryah Dada, Model Fouzia Aman, Photographer Fayyaz Ahmed, Makeup Wajid Khan

Stylish Mehndi Designs for Girls | Wedding Mehndi Designs by Nillem

In this mehndi competition 2011-2012 we got a lot of mails from mehndi artists. Girls submitted stylish mehndi designs for different occasions one of them are these stylish mehndi designs for girls, These mehndi designs are submitted by mehndi artist Nillem Mirza from France. She is specialized in  mehndi for wedding, sangeet, henna party she works with glitters and mehndi, and colorful mehndi art.
Here we are going to share you some of the best mehndi designs of Nili, for wedding occasions, These mehndi design will looks beautiful on girls who want to looks beautiful in weddings. Here in these designs the artist implement the simple floral work on teenage beauty. Lets have a look on these stylish and simple mehndi designs.

Stylish Indian Mehndi Design
This illustrious Indian henna/mehndi design by Nili exhibits a remarkable feature of floral manipulation on human body. This design covers entire back of the hand in a subtle manner giving it a somber look. The designer gives curvy pattern on fingers embedded with flowery touch at wrist.

Simple Floral Work
This simple and casual mehndi/henna design is pretty good for casual parties at home like birthdays and marriage anniversaries. The design carries its beauty in its simplicity and diversity. Designer mainly focuses on floral work and beautifies feet along with legs. Nili uses thin line technique which is giving more beauty and sharpness to this henna/mehdni design.

Sodani Mehndi Design
This Sodani henna/mehndi design by Nili is quit magnatic. In drawing Sodani designs, designers usually utilize thick henna/mehndi paste which is quit difficult because it can damage the entire structural symetry of the whole design. Nili has done a marvelous job by keeping up the level of high quality work.

Stylish Arabic Art
This is another manifestation of Arabic Mehndi/Henna Design. It covers mainly arms and useful for half sleeve shirts.

Stylish Sodani Mehndi
It's an Sodani floral mehndi designs for hands, This Stylish Sodani Mehndi Design have stylish work on back side of hand. The artist have covered all the finger with his beautiful of work

Classical Mehndi Art
Colorful mehndi paste is in vogue now days and among colorful mehndi’s black surpasses all of the colors in its attractiveness. This beautiful Indian mehndi/henna design in black enshrines the fair skin more. This design is an exhibition of flowery curvature with fine pasting technique. Nili used curvy structure of flowery design on fingers and at back of the palm she embedded a fine flower. All these stylish mehndi designs are taken from an mehndi artist you may view her from her official facebook page. You may also submit your mehndi designs to participate in this mehndi contest.

Indian Blouse Designs 2011

Indian Blouse Designs 2011, Latest woman's shirts but can also refer to shirt if it is a loose-fitting style  indian blouse designs be stitched as long or short sleeves length of the body of the blouse also varies as per the individual taste and body indian blouse designs are the other types of dress combinations used by girls and women structure many other verities in 

using indian blouse designs is spectacular opening can be either hooked with buttons or zipped very steley indian blouse designs

indian blouse designs which come without neck pieces or with different styles feminine look and the comfort of wearing you get by 

Indian Salwar Kameez | Salwar Kameez Fashion in India

Indian fashion industry has been lifting upward and day by day capturing more and more market in the world. Indian fashion designers not only designing South Asian cultural dresses, they even now have good repute in designing of modern western and casual dresses as well. Indian Salwar Kameez dress is a dress that really reflects Indian culture. Today we have a gorgeous collection of Indian Salwar Kameez for summer season. All the dresses are really fine and have modern touch as well. Let’s have a closer look to the dresses we have:

Stylish Style
This gorgeous salwar kameez dress has really fantastic color scheme. Design of the fabric is also fine. Casual straight salwar pattern is really in fashion now again with long kurti’s. This slim fit long kameez is in sleeve less pattern. V shape neck design has beautiful embroidered design which is looking cool. Dopatta is also being fetched with tiny motif and embroidery work. This is a perfect summer dress for parties.

Cotton Salwar Kameez
This Lilac-Cotton Salwar suit is in beautiful outfit with some little creative work. White casual and regular salwar with dopatta are looking fabulous with this maroon color kameez. The design of the fabric is really fine for summer season. Sleeve less pattern of the kameez looking marvelous due to the neck and chest designing. Kameez has round shape border at lower side which is looking cool.

Coat Kameez Style
This cotton salwar kameez has stunning floral design which is being nourished with some motif stuff. Casual length kameez has casual outfit. V shape neck style is giving perfect look of open kurti style.

Indian Kurti look
The dresses below are being designed at Anarkali pattern, so all the dresses are consists of chooridar salwar with stunning and stylish kurti’s of different styles. Curidar salwar kameez dresses have large number of fans in India and even in South Asia as well. This semi frock style kurti has marginal length with short half sleeve pattern. The dress is even looking fine because it has some designer work on it. V shape neck style looking perfect with this marginal length kameez.

Indian Shirt Style
This Ari-Embroidered-Teal kurti is in short length with sleeve less pattern. This is just like open kurti/ shirt, have buttons at front. This type of short kurti’s is being widely used with jeans as well, because it has casual length and casual style outfit. Beautiful heavy embroidery work is being done on it to make this short length kurti more beautiful.

Indian Party Wear
This sleeve less kurti has beautiful design at front. The design has really perfect match with the rest of outfit design. Design at chest seems like a jacket which is being bind with laces. Same fabric strip is looking awesome at lower border of the kameez.

Indian Stylish Churi
This dress has its beauty totally in its print. This geometrical print is just looking great and fabulous. Full sleeve pattern with round shape simple neck style is looking marvelous. Kameez is in little extra length and has beautiful embroidery and strip design at border. One can use this dress in summer evening parties and even in wedding parties as well.

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