Neckline Fashion | Gala / Neck Designs of Kameez Dresses

Fashion repeats itself in some decades, either it should related to beauty or related to clothing. You may notice that women dresses in 1980’s and in early 90’s are much similar to the dresses of current age. Long loose kurti’s with chooridar or bell bottom shalwar’s are on same pattern of 90’s. Similarly the designing techniques and designs also repeats itself like embroidery work, glass work, motif and stars work etc.
Now days in Pakistan and India Neck-line designing become popular again. Girls like this change very much. Outfit doesn't matter but the Neck designing should be done by the designers because it’s demanding. Designers mostly use embroidery work, motif stuff or any other accessory to develop Neck / Gala designs. Here we have some beautiful Neck-line fashion on different styles of outfits for you.

This is a casual long kurti in double shade fabric. Designer did beautiful work to develop Neck Line design to make the dress according to the fashion. Neck Line design consists of collar (Locally called “Bann”) being embroidered with some motif and thread work, embroidery on shoulders and a wide cut of Neck Line in V shape. Designer used different color fabric of green color in Neck Line pattern, which looks pretty. Beautiful embroidery border is being developed at lower part of Neck design to give some more beauty to the dress.

Simple half sleeve skin fit long kurti with casual loose trouser is also in fashion now days. Girls who don’t like loose shirts wear some tight outfits. Galah / Galla design on this kurti looks so amazing. Designer uses thread embroidery technique with some motif stuff to develop the design. Collar (Bann) style with long Neck Line looks fabulous. Designer fetched beautiful floweral lining pattern along Neck line to develop this marvelous design. Similar sort of embroidery is being done on lower border of kameez and at the edges of sleeves.

This long casual kameez with loose casual trouser has some cultural embroidery work at Neck-Line Fashion. Beautiful embroidery in different sharp colors looks so beautiful at black color fabric. Round neck style with beautiful Neckline Design have thread work. Purely a cultural embroidery style makes this dress cultural. Similar sort of embroidery is being done at lower border of the kameez.

This modern style outfit has beautiful Gala design; the design is being developed in different technique. Small pieces of some beautiful designed fabric are being used to develop Neck line design. Bann (Collar) based V shape neck style looks beautiful with this beautiful Neck Line design. It’s simple but attractive Neck design

This is a good-looking embroidery based Neck line design on embroidered stuff. One can use this dress a party wear dress. Full sleeve pattern with bann (Collar) V shape neck style looks so beautiful. Rich Neck line design on fully embroidered kameez makes this dress more beautiful. Thread embroidery work is being used to develop this affluent Neck line design. 

This is a very beautiful use of stones and stars to develop Neck gala design. Beautiful design based on beautiful and gorgeous stones on simple and attractive white color umbrella frock looks very beautiful. Wide square shape neck design with beautiful embroidered roots Neck Line design looks marvelous. Designer did really well and shows professional work in this Neck line design.

This fancy dress can be used in wedding parties because this has rich and fancy work of embroidery with heavy use of accessories. Neck design on dress makes this outfit more beautiful. Tight fit half sleeve pattern of kameez with loose patiala shalwar is still in fashion. V shape neck pattern with V shaped Neck Line design looks so perfect and the work on it gives more shine to the dress.

This is a casual loose fit shalwar kameez for casual use. Designer gives this a little fancy touch and make Neck Line design according to the current fashion. Thread embroidery work on Neck line design looks so pretty.

White color thread embroidery work on Neck Line design at black color fabric looks so gorgeous. Black and white combination always attracts others and most famous technique. Beautiful floral design of embroidery on neck design matches with other designing scheme of the dress as the dress also has white strip and stars work on kameez. 

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Graceful Embroidered Dresses | Bridal Embroidered Fashion

An embroidered dress plays a vital role in women fashion. In fashion industry most important thing which should be under consideration of a designer is accessory and stuff that he/she uses to develop designs of fabric. Embroidery is most famous and common thing to nourish a dress. It has lots of styles based on culture, season and taste. Handmade embroidery with silver or golden thread is very common in bridal dresses. Here we have latest styles of most modern embroidery trends for you.

In Bridal dresses as we notice some important changes in outfit of the dress, similarly the way to embroider a dress is also changed. Now day’s designers use light thread and develop lighter designs using common accessory. This is a modern outfit for a bride; dress consists of a long open kurti with chooridar shalwar. Kurti has wide front style at upper sides that clearly demonstrate a blouse. At blouse simple golden color thread embroidery is being done on modern basis while on the kurti designer do some heavy embroidery work but not so much. Both sides of open kurti are being nourished with beautiful embroidery work and similar work is being done on both sleeves. Stars with some motif are also being used to give some fancier look to the dress.

This is an open long kurti dress with blouse and chooridar shalwar and really famous and trendy now days as bridal wear. This is a modern western style copy having little modification on the basis of South Asia culture. Beautiful modern embroidery work this dress has. Narrow designing with thin thread of golden color is being used to develop a design. Both sides of an open kurti have similar technique of embroidery work and designer develops a fabulous neck style with some extensive use of stars and motif at bust. Star galaxy design is being copied at this dress.

This is a beautiful and fabulous work of modern embroidery using a contrast color scheme. This bridal shalwar kameez has regular outfit with short half sleeve pattern and the neck style is also common. Designer did embroidery work on modern basis and just did work at bust and little work on sleeves. As I explain earlier that now day’s trend has been changed and designers used lighter embroidery stuff and develop thin designs. Silver thread work along with golden stars creates beauty to the dress. Modern embroidery work is really superb on this bridal dress.

This is bridal sleeping dress and one can say this night dress. Dress has little work of embroidery at neck surroundings which give this dress a fancier look. 

This Bridal night or sleeping dress also has some modern embroidery on it. Black upper has beautiful silver embroidery on it. Upper is in short half sleeve pattern. Rest of the dress consists of a skin fit shirt along skin fit trouser. Both dresses are bridal night wear dresses
Engross yourself in this season’s most-wanted hot color 'Red' Designer Nazia Malik's collection speaks for speaks for sophistication and erudition as reflected in her delicate patterns and embroidery. Her collection, no doubt, is an epitome of perfection and aptness that would unquestionably make heads turn and make you the center of attention. Make the most of this season with Nazia Malik's latest treat.

Latest Salwar Kameez Fashion | Umbrella Dresses

Shalwar Kameez Fashion in winter is so common and its reliable and sizzling when use with shawl. Here we are with some brand new designs of shalwar kameez relevant to winter season. All the stuff is superb and implausible for winter. Designs are really superb and you will like all these. This latest Shalwar kameez trend gives comfort to wear in winter season. So let’s have a look on dashing designs of Winter Shalwar Kameez Umbrella Designs.

This is a fancy colorful winter shalwar kameez with beautiful design and outfit. Long umbrella kameez with chooridar shalwar in matching color looks so pretty. Kameez has V shape neck style with collar; long sleeves have cuffs of different color fabric. Strip border at lower bottom of umbrella kameez looks so beautiful. Fabulous flower embroidery is being done at kameez and doppatta as well.

This shalwar kameez Trend is just awesome and really fit for winter parties like wedding, anniversary etc. The work of strip and lace on kameez enhances the beauty of kameez. Round shape neck style is being developed in such a fabulous way and designing is being done around the bust. Full sleeve pattern looks very common in winter so designer use this. Beautiful lace work on bust, neck, cuffs and at lower border of kameez is really superb and looks so pretty. Frock type kameez with slim fit shalwar is a part of our theme today and the dress has this possession.

Fancy Umbrella Kameez with chooridar shalwar in red color is purely a dress for wedding parties. Loose fit umbrella kameez have simple lining pattern of design but very attractive this is. Readymade embroidered tattoos of flowers are being fixed on sleeves and at lower part of the kameez. V shape neck style with full sleeve pattern is common in all dresses. You can change the color of dress but the design will possess the same look in other colors as well.

This is a fabulous min blowing creation of designer. Black color fabric has red and golden color embroidery work which looks so pretty. The design is just awesome and too good for bridal parties. Long semi umbrella kameez pattern with chooridar shalwar is slightly being modified in this dress. V shape neck style with full sleeves has Lace at border and cuffs which looks so perfect with the theme of the dress. Red readymade roses gives more beauty to the dress.

Beauty in white; if we title this dress like, than it can’t be wrong. This dress has some cultural work on neck and at bust. Doppata is also being nourished with beautiful work of lace and embroidery. Embroidery at neck style looks so pretty. Umbrella type kameez with chooridar shalwar in white color is a simple but decent dress for this winter season. You can buy easily these dresses from official website of cbazaar. She9 take these images just for sharing Latest Salwar Kameez Fashion in Umbrella Designs.

Al-Karam Winter Collection 2010-11 | Al karam Dresses

Alkaram new designs for winter season are in the shelf now. Al-karam is famous producing high quality fabric and dashing designs for all types of seasons and fashion. Keeping in view the current fashion scenario and trends Alkaram produces high quality products for this winter season of 2010-2011. All the designs are so colorful and attractive. Designers did their best effort and made best dresses according to the latest fashion. Let’s have a quick look on Al-Karam Fall/Autumn Collection 2010-11 and outfits…!

Pinkish scheme always give happiness; this dress has splendid color scheme with extraordinary design. Design is a blend of colorful flowers and repeated objects which finally gives a beautiful design. Alkaram winter 2010-2011 collection includes lots of such beautiful designs. Color scheme is available in this design. This is a three piece shalwar kameez dress stitched according to the latest fashion of south asia. Long casual loose kameez with short sleeve is very common now days. Beautiful V shape neck style looks pretty.

This light color dress is really perfect for day time parties because this has tiny object design. Outfit is really according to the new fashion. V shape collar style neck pattern is very common in winter dressing with full sleeves. Lower bottom of kameez is being modified with similar stuff of strip which looks so pretty.

This dress from Alkaram Fall 2010-2011 winter collection is in dark color scheme which is quit perfect for winter dressing. Design is really perfect and awesome. Small objects embedded design looks so beautiful. Casual long kurti with loose bottom shalwar is really perfect and according to the new fashion trends. Full sleeve pattern with close neck style is really in fashion now days. Color scheme is also available in this design.

Al karam Winter 2010-2011 collection also has linen fabric designs for winter season. The design is really fine and consists of small flowers with leaves and branches. Designer use some fancy stuff and accessory to make fancier this dress. Full bell bottom sleeves have fancy strip cuffs and V shape neck also rounded with fancy same strip work which looks so pretty.

This is superb design of Alkaram Fall 2010-2011 collection. Design is based on tiny flowers which gives beautiful picture in totality. Round shape neck style has some fancy thread stuff work which looks so beautiful.  Color scheme is really perfect for winter season.

This is really perfect design and outfit for winter season parties. Alkaram designers did very well and produce beautiful designs for fall 2010-2011 winter seasons. One sided overcoat style long kurti looks so beautiful with dashing design. All these dresses are available at official website of Alkram Pvt Ltd. You can view and buy these dresses.

Lakme Fashion Week Winter 2010-11 | Fashion Show

Lakme Fashion week recently held in Delhi on 17th of September 2010. Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2010-11 was a very satisfying five-day fashion festival and was ongoing great, glittering, glitzy play. Most of the talented designers like Shymal and Bhumika, Abhi Rahul participate in this Fashion week. The particular aspect of this fashion week was to show bridal work of different designers and to show latest winter fashion dresses. The fashion week got great success and viewers really appreciate this event and praise designers work. Let’s have a little look at some designers work regarding to the winter and bridal wear collection.

Abhi Rahul Collection For Lakme Winter Festival 2010
Abhirahul alumni of NIFT Delhi started their label abhirahul for studio11 in 2006 debuting at Delhi fashion Week Autumn winter 009 with this collection they seen an overnight success and bagged back to back shows in Bangalore Fashion Week and then Wills India Fashion Week Spring summer 2010 and Fall 2010 - 11. The Collections are available at Saffron International (LA) and selected stores across India such as Aza Fashions, Ammarra, Fuel the Store, Kimaya anonym and Ensemble etc About Abhi - During his time at NIFT, Abhi won the award for the Best Designer in Exploration of Hand Flat Knits. 
Abhi Rahul is a young and energetic dress designer and has a perfect designing techniques and produced lots of beautiful dresses. For Lakme Fashion Week 2010-11 Abhi Rahul put its some beautiful dresses for winter and for Bridal wear on dashboard. 
This is a beautiful Bridal Lehnga nourished with extensive thread work. Color scheme is so good and the outfit is really superb which shows Abhi Rahul talent. In this Lakme Fashion Week this dress was the best Bridal dress.

Lehnga dress is so popular in South Asia for Bridal wear so Abhi focuses on Lehnga designs. This Lehnga is beautiful and has Zari and motif work which shines this bridal dress. Casual outfit with half sleeve blouse is so perfect. More Abhi Rahul dress designs are available at official page of Lakme.

Dress Designed By Anupmaa For Lakme Fashion Week 2010
Fashion designer Anupama Dayal is young and charming lady who has launched her label in 2004, by the name of ‘Anupamaa’. As a result of that Fashion designer Anupama Dayal has gained remarkable success in the world of style & Fashion. One of Australia’s best known fashion houses, Belinda, declared her work as “Brilliant”. In addition, Kelvin Harris an internationally acclaimed stylist described her work as “vibrant”, “spectacular” and “outstanding”. So in order to charm this Lakme Fashion Week 2010 Anupmaa take part in this festival and demonstrates her best Bridal and winter season dresses.
This design is superb and reflects the cultural old traditional work. Designer really works in same traditional fashion and brings this design in modern way. If you want to wear some cultural dress as a bride this would be a great example for you.
Sleeve less long blouse with tight neck looks so perfect with wavy style casual multicolor lehnga. Cultural embroidery work looks so pretty on both Lehnga and blouse as well.

This saree dress is one of the best creations of Anupmaa, saree pallu has beautiful border nourished with embroidered flowers which looks so pretty. Full sleeve blouse with wide round shape neck style looks so beautiful. Color scheme is really perfect of this bridal saree dress.

This Lehnga Choli is also a reflection of traditional and cultural work. Designs seem to like a Rajhastani Lehnga and the work on it is superb which shines this dress. Umbrella style Lehnga with full sleeve long blouse looks so perfect and beautiful. Doppata is also nourished with motif and zari work.

Beautiful combination of colors this Lehnga Choli has. The blouse is in two color format while the Lehnga also has two color scheme formats. Full sleeve blouse with wide round shape neck style and the lehnga is is casual style. Design and the embroidery on Lehnga both are superb.

This is a Bridal Shalwar Kameez nourished with extensive motif and zari work. Most of the girls likes to wear Shalwar Kameez as a Bridal dress and for those this dress would be the best. Outfit is so perfect; a casual loose kameez with chooridar pajama as a trouser looks so perfect. More designs of Anupama Dayal are available at official website of Lakme.

Manish Malhotra Dresses For Lakme Fashion Week 2010
Fashion designer Manish Malhotra, a passionate fashion savvy has made his special position in the Indian film Industry. He has beautified the Indian film star celebrities with his impeccable designer outfits. Indian designer Manish Malhotra entered into the Bollywood parlance by designing wardrobe for Juhi Chawla. In the list of top young celebrity fashion designers, he is the most shining star who has been successful in earning both name and fame.
To view full Manish Malhotra Collection for Lakme Fashion Week 2010 just visit the official source of Lakme Fashion Week 2010. Here at she9 platform; we exhibit some of his saree designs.
This Saree dress is perfect in all aspects regarding design, style and accessories. Color scheme is really superb. Red color sort sleeve short blouse with round wide neck style looks so pretty. The real beauty of the dress lies in Saree pallu. Extensive embroidery work has being done on it in silver and golden color. 

Red color bridal dress always works, so designer put his red color saree dress in shelf in this fashion week. Sleeve less wide bottom neck V shape blouse with casual Saree pallu looks so attractive. Border strip of this Saree pallu has beautiful design on it.

Purple color always has executive look. This Purple color saree give shiny look and the design of this saree dress is superb. Short blouse with sleeve less style has wide bottom neck outfit which is so common. Simple saree pallu looks so pretty and the wearing pattern is perfectly new. To view all catalog of dress designers and dresses just visit Lakme Fashion official source.

Gul Ahmed Winter Collection | Sizzling Clothing

Gul Ahmed is a well known and advanced Textile manufacturer, produces variety of products like cloth, home textile and commercial manufacturing of made ups. Gul Ahmed clothing designs is well famous and Gul Ahmed always produced quality of fabric with beautiful designs. Gul Ahmed ladies wear collection always appreciated in fashion industry and almost all big dress designers works with Gul Ahmed designs. Today we are putting some dashing Gul Ahmed designs on dashboard deals with winter clothing. This Gul Ahmed Winter Collection is superb and best as sizzling clothing.

This winter season Gul Ahmed fabricates awesome designs with a variety of warm cloth. This is a superb design, a part of Gul Ahmed Winter Collection. Design consists of small and large floral scheme with some beautiful border work. Design at doppatta has some tiny objects pattern which gives classic touch to the design. Mustered color scheme looks so pretty. Dress is being stitched according to the latest trend. A one sided over locked long kurti with full sleeve pattern looks amazing with casual shalwar.

This superb design is a part of cultural ethnic of Gul Ahmed Winter Collection 2010-2011. This design is persuaded by Mughal Culture. Design is really awesome and has beautiful color scheme as well. Reddish flowers on a grey color background make this design really awesome and classic. Sleeve less long kurti with chooridar pajama was a cultural dress of Mughals. This outfit has some beautiful and considerable changes according to the new fashion trends. Square shape close neck style is really good and awesome and has some embroidery work which enhances the quality of this Winter Collection of Gul Ahmed 2010-11.

This is a simple but attractive Gul Ahmed Winter season design. Design consists of beautiful floweral design at bust prolong towards the below. Border style have colorful scheme which looks so pretty. Full Sleeve pattern with V shape neck style gives this a modern clothing touch. Long kurti with casual shalwar is a part of trend now.

Dark color scheme always work in winter season. This dress is a part of Gul Ahmed Autumn Collection and has dull look. This dress can wear in evening and night parties as well. The dress also has some fancy look. Design is really beautiful and shows the designers thinking. Full Sleeve outfit with ban (Collar) style neck pattern looks so pretty with casual long kurti.

This Gul Ahmed winter design is really awesome and designed for parties especially for bridal parties. Design is really charming and gives attractive look even the color scheme is dull. Fancy design always preferred to wear in parties. Design is awesome but the outfit is really matches with this design. Modern style dress has open kurti like a coat and the shirt is being bond with trouser which gives modern look to the dress. Sleeve less pattern with fancy and stylish neck style also looks so pretty.

This is a special dress of winter collection of Gul Ahmed. The dress is absolutely being design according to the need of stylish and fancy dress especially for a bridal. The design of Gul Ahmed really suits and gives margin to do some fancy work on this. Designer really did well and makes this dress really fancy. Modern shape neck style with full sleeves looks so accurate with long open kurti style.

Following designs have lawn design but on sizzling fabric. All the dresses are being stitched according to the modern techniques and trends. All design has beautiful color scheme floral designs as well. The dresses are being stitched according to the latest fashion. All the dresses are fit for early winter days. You can buy these dresses from official website of GulAhmed

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