Lakshmipati Stylish Sarees | New year 2011-12 Collection

People who belongs to fashion world knows “Saree” is a most famous and useable ladies dress in India and Bangladesh and even some areas of Pakistan. Popularity of this dress now way in new era’s, and this dress is becoming more and more popular. Lakshmipati Sarees are well reputed Sarees in India and even popular out of India. Lakshmipati has vast and diversify experience to develop this dress. Lakshmipati produced all types of sarees like; Casual Sarees, Bridal Sarees, Sarees for Party Wears, stylish Printed fancy sarees and seasonal stuff too. Lakshmipathi now bring out huge collection of printed casual and fancy sarees for New Year, you can select your favorite one from their official web page. This New Year 2011-2012 Collection of Lakshmipati Printed Sarees includes; fancy stuff, casual and party wears sarees. Lakshmipati  is well famous due to their designs and fabric stuff and their designs are one of the best saree designs in the world (According to my opinion). Let’s have a quick look on all these design of Lakshmipati New Year Collection 2011-12 of Printed Sarees.

This is an incredible design of printed party wear saree, the design consists of large flowers in multicolor shades with beautiful branches having colored leaves which looks incredible and awesome. Saree blouse has simple design with small tiny objects array presenting reasonable design. Reddish purple color fabric looks so perfect for this design. 

This Lakshmi-pati saree is a perfect evening party wear saree dress because it has perfect color scheme and fantastic design. Saree blouse has wide square shape pattern with half sleeves. Saree pallu has incredible design which is perfect creation of designer, designer use multicolor scheme and put all colors in a beautiful management, the whole design is just awesome. The strip work on edges of sleeves and saree pallu is adding more beauty to the design and outfit.

Color combination is most important thing while developing a design, this casual and party wear printed saree of lakshmipati has inconceivable color blueprint with creative designing work. The whole dress is looking marvelous and fantastic. Sleeve fewer blouses in V shape neck pattern looking hot with casual saree outfit. Saree pallu has two color base ground, having two different types of designing mechanism, and showing two phases of life. This is simply superb and fantastic.

This Lakshmipati party wear saree is one of the best and fashionable articles of Stylish New Year Collection. Two color fabric providing base for blow up design. Bell bottom wearing style of saree is well famous now days and the printed design matches to the wearing technique and seems a part of that era. Shoulder less tiny blouse is in fashion now days but only for party wear sarees.

This Lakshmipati printed saree has beautiful printed design along with fancy blouse. Sleeve less blouse has strip hanging downwards and looking beautiful. Saree pallu has amazing leaf design which looking beautiful. 

This modern saree design is a symbol of excellent work of Lakshmipati Sarees. Blouse has fantastic modern design. Printed Saree pallu has beautiful fancy work which looks perfect and awesome. For evening parties this should be a perfect dress.

Laksmipati New Year Collection of Printed Sarees includes lots of beautiful and incredible saree dresses which have fantastic designs, the following some saree dresses has different designs, color schemes, patterns and outfits which varies in different categories. One can choose from these saree dresses for herself easily. All the designs have one thing common and that is “Designing with small objects”. Small objects designs are really demanding in this winter season, so according to the market demand Lakshmipati designed these perfect designs for their customers. All saree dresses have beautiful outfits with variety of blouse styles includes, sleeve less, shoulder less and strip based blouse with, “v”, round neck and square shaped neck styles. All the designs also have beautiful color schemes and the saree patterns are also according to the new demanding outfits.

Winter season is famous as wedding season in South Asia, especially in India and Pakistan.  So for this wedding season, Lakshmipati 2011-12 Collection has beautiful fancy printed sarees for wedding parties and functions. All these sarees are fancy but less expensive. Color scheme of all these sarees is truly according to the functions of wedding. Designs are simple and fantastic with variety of blouse and outfit styles. Some of these fancy sarees also have fancy embroidered and strip work which looks fabulous. You can buy these sarees from official website of Lakshmipati Saree by Online Store. 

Latest Mehndi Designs of Best Mehendi Designer

Mehndi is an event fashion in this chic season. Girl prefer mehndi for special events and like following mehndi designs like wedding mehndi designs, party mehndi designs, bridal mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs, college mehndi style and Indian mehndi designs. So chic girls wish the best mehndi design from the best mehndi designer so that they look prominent in party or functions. Here we are going to share some best mehndi designs from the best mehndi designer collections of 2010-11.
Here we are going to share some best mehndi designs of Farida Suman Mehndi Artist from her best professional mehndi designs.

Classic Mehndi Designer
It’s an Arabic bridal mehndi designs for parties. The mehndi designer designs the dazzling designs on both hands, feet and legs. This mehndi design may be the best mehndi design for Arabic bridal mehndi pattern for 2010 & 2011.

Indian Cultural Mehndi
These designs may be Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs which are showing the culture of the India. In one picture the Mehndi designer filled the complete hand (front and back, Hands and arms) even the fingers are filled with stylish mehndi designs.  But when we discuses about bridal feet, The Indian mehndi designer shows the Indian culture in form of leaf and floral mehndi designs.  These types of mehndi designs are mostly seen in Indian and Pakistani wedding parties, and mostly strong age girls (26-34 years old girls) prefer these types of mehndi designs because according to current fashion culture, mostly teen age girls don’t give preference to covering whole hand with mehndi, they just like simple mehndi design, like a floral series or any single pattern. And it is also seen that some professional mehndi designers draw or used mehndi in a stunning style and cover whole hand with mehndi that it become the best henna design.

Bridal Party Mehendi
It is the best mehndi design for teen age girls in 2010 – 2011 because now a day’s girls like simple mehndi pattern and embroidered mehndi designs instead of cultural and filled style. Like in these pictures the front and back hand of girl have a series of flower and leaves mehndi designs. These types of mehndi designs are mostly seen in college parties, festivals and mehndi parties.

Hand and Feet Mehndi
This Mehndi pattern may specially designed for western brides because Indian, Arabic and Pakistani mehndi designs include floral patterns where as it include tattoos on both hands. Mehndi covers complete hands, arms and shoulder where as bridal feet have a little touch of mehndi as compare to hands.

Designer Mehndi
This Henna design is following the Arabic, Irani and pakistani mehndi culture, It is also seen that Afghanistan is also following the mehndi culture but have a little touch. This mehndi designs is simple, easy to draw on hand but looks beautiful on hands. It’s a casual mehndi designs for casual parties.

Best Mehndi Artist
It may be a traditional mehandi design. Both the hands filled by cultural designs, even the arms are also filled by this lovely mehndi pattern. These types of mehndi designs can only designed by the best professional mehndi designers.These mehndi design are taken from official page of Farida Suman Mehndi Artist from his professional mehndi designs after approval.

Monica Saigol Fashion Show | 2010-11 Dresses Collection

Fashion Designing is an open era where everyone can take part. Dress designing now becomes a great and attractive field and lots of new comers now comes forward to give challenge to the giants of this industry. Monica Saigol is also one of them; she is a very good dress designer who works in a unique and new style. Here we have some beautiful dress collection of Monica Saigol that she have.
Monica designed lots of dresses for party wear, wedding and also for brides. Following dresses are for bride or you can say these bridal dresses.

This very beautiful bridal dress by monica saigol is one great example of her talent and hardworking. The dress has beautiful work combination which includes Zari work, fancy strip work and nice embroidery. This Lehnga Choli is looking gorgeous with such a nice embroidery design. Wide “V” shape neck style with extra short sleeves looking different but attractive. Fancy strip is being used at borders of neck style and at sleeves. Blouse outfit is also awesome and according to the incoming fashion.

This saree is a most beautiful and demanding dress. Monica Saigol did very great work on it. Just have a look on it and you will feel actually happy because the color scheme is so perfect and superb. Apart from color scheme the design is also awesome. Saree pallu border has fancy embroidered strip, nourished with motif and stars. Strip has very beautiful and attractive array of flowers which gives fabulous design to the saree. Blouse is in casual and regular format with slight change in neck style. Semi “V” shape neck style looking beautiful with sort half sleeves. The work on blouse is really nice and expensive.

Following dresses can use for wedding parties because these have beautiful fancy embroidery and accessory work. This saree pallu has golden strip at border which gives this a fancy look. Small piece of embroidered tattoos are being used on saree pallu to nourish this dress and to make this fancy. Blouse is in casual and regular format having both strip and zari work on it. Motif and stars are also being used on it. The dress is perfect for wedding parties especially for married womens.

This black saree 2010-2011 design has beautiful lower border build on two piece technique. The scheme and the colors both are very attractive and the whole design looking amazing. Simple V shaped blouse with short half sleeves looks attractive with such style. Sea green fabric color of blouse has silver color work of thread embroidery and strip work which looks perfect and awesome.
This fancy saree dress is perfect for wedding parties because it has beautiful work on it. Combination of stars, motifs, golden and silver thread embroidery work make this dress more beautiful and expensive. The design of blouse is also perfect and new. Loose in length, this blouse has a beautiful design from back side which is really common in Saree blouse styles.

This is an attractive, beautiful and simply gorgeous dress for parties. One can use this dress casually as well. Beautiful round shape neck style has leaf style in the middle which is being nourished with beautiful solver thread embroidery at front. The whole style looks perfect. A casual and traditional look is in this dress shines which attracts others.

Following beautiful dresses by Monica Saigol can be used as casual wears or can wear in some parties as well. All the collection of Monica Saigol is superb and stylish. To view more please visit official page of Monica Saigol.

Abaya 2011-2012 Collection | Simple Abaya by LA REINE

La Reine's creations are designed to compliment the designs, colours and trends of the International Fashion Houses while maintaining the Arab Women's identity and conservativeness.
La Reine's Abaya Collection & Shailas collections are specifically designed to suit a variety of occasions and cultures. An extravagant line for weddings and parties, a casual yet elite line for evening walks in the mall, and a line for the trend-setters who like to show their individuality.
Abaya is a culture for Islamic women and adopted in all over the world by Muslim girls. But now a days Hijab and abaya is becoming a fashion for non Muslim also. Even Michal Jackson “A pop Singer” also wore this abaya. Here we are going to share you some latest abaya collection of Lareine Brand. Lets have a look.

This Abaya is in loose casual style having close neck pattern with baggy style sleeves. The entire format looks so beautiful and perfect. This is a two piece package; Abaya with scarf, and therefore best for this winter season.

This Abaya and scarf is in purely old Arabic format; a loose and free style pattern is being used to stitch this Abaya for 2011-2012. Bell bottom full sleeves are looking gorgeous and the strip work at the edges of Abaya sleeves and on the scarf gives a fancy look. It can be wear in parties as well.

This normal loose Abaya style of 2011-2012 should be very popular because it has perfect outfit for all continents. This Abaya and scarf set have some beautiful stone work which gives this a fancy look. Casually stitched full sleeves have stones at the edges and the scarf also has same sort of stones which gaze so pretty.

This slim fit casual Abaya looks so beautiful and attractive. Little embroidery work and buttons at the bust makes this fancier; this should very popular in South Asia. Close round shape neck with full sleeves looks mind blowing and wonderful.

Lareine design some beautiful Abaya’s for her Abaya Collection of 2011-2012 and use some multicolor scheme. She uses different color fabric to stitch the Abaya at under arms, at cuffs and at the edges of scarf which looks amazing. She used lots of color to give variety in her La Reine Abaya Collection of 2011-2012. All the colors looking sweet, you can select according to your color choice. All the Abaya’s in Lareine Abaya Collection of 2011-2012 are in different famous and in fashion styles. 

Following Abaya styles have unique style; Lareine use thin strip at all over the borders of Abaya which looks so pretty. All the designs and patterns look so beautiful with this modification.

This is a modern style of Abaya and can be used officially in office and university. Professional women mostly like such styles. Overcoat type Abaya gives the same look but stitched with the base. Strip work at scarf and at cuffs along with neck style looks so perfect and gives same unique look to this Abaya style.

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Winter / Autumn Fashion | A Winter's Tale

It’s that time of the year again when the skies turn an inky blue earlier and earlier, and the stars that dot the blue shine with a cold intensity. What better time than this, then, to slide into a decadently smooth fabric in the very same colors as the sky? Qandeel of Mausoon is thinking winter in this collection, as she cuts and drapes material in deep shades of blue and the ever-classic black. The clothes fall sinuously around the body and swirl and hug in all the right places, to show off her light-hearted side, qandeel drapes a scrumptious salmon outfit with retro polka dots but just on the sides. ‘Tis the season to be dressed great, after all.
As fashion depends on the season and brings a lot of changes in designs and patterns so in this Fall/ Autumn 2010-2011 Season Fashion come with latest designs according to the trend. In these dresses Qandeel introduced some decent dresses for chic girls contains frock, Gowns, kurti and other latest dresses, lets have a look....

Most of these dresses are in decent black and contrast colors. These dresses have some glamorous look for chic teens and have latest style of gowns, Frock, Kaftans and kurti/kurta blouse. These dresses are designed for winter 2010-11 and looks like a party wear dresses.
Designer & Coordination: Qandeel, Photography| Munna Mushtaq
Hair & Make-up: Saima, Model: Huma Khan
By: Instep Magazine

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